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Prof. Kai LIU

Rm. B815, Yifu Technology and Science Building

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Tsinghua University Beijing 100084,China   

E-mail : liuk@tsinghua.edu.cn 

Tel: +86-10-62799182

Jan. 2019

About us

Welcome to Prof. Kai Liu's group. The research in our group revolves around probing mechanical, electrical properties and application of low-dimensional electronic materials. We are pursuing creative, systematic, and high-impact work in this research field, and aiming to bridge fundamental physics studies to device applications such as sensors and actuators. The explored materials include 1-dimensional (1D) carbon nanotubes, oxide thin films, and 2-dimensional (2D) layered materials.

Recent News

-Congratulations to Prof. Liu on his collaborative paper with Prof. Kaili Jiang accepted by Nano Letters! "Continuous, Ultra-Lightweight, and Multi-Purpose Super-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Tapes Viable over a Wide Range of Temperatures".
-Congratulations to Xuewen on her review paper accepted by 2D Materials! "Chemical and Structural Stability of 2-Dimensional Layered Materials".

-Congratulations to Hongtao, Zixin, and Enze on their paper accepted by ACS Nano! "Watching Dynamic Self-Assembly of Web Buckles in Strained MoS2 Thin Films".

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