Q&A?   Please contact:

Prof. Kai LIU

Rm. B815, Yifu Technology and Science Building

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Tsinghua University Beijing 100084,China   

E-mail : liuk@tsinghua.edu.cn 

Tel: +86-10-62799182

Postdoc positions available. We need highly motivated PhD graduates with a strong background in growth and characterization of 2-dimensional materials, or fabrication of micro- and nano-devices. Please send your CV (in pdf) with a publication list to me at liuk@tsinghua.edu.cn.

PhD graduate student positions are available in my group. If you will graduate in 2020 and are interested in our research at Tsinghua University, please contact me at liuk@tsinghua.edu.cn.

Motivated undergraduate students interested in our materials research are encouraged to contact me at liuk@tsinghua.edu.cn.

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